Why we use eco-cleaning products

Our philosophy at Eco Mist Cleaning is to create an environment free of toxins and chemicals. This makes for a healthier home and workplace. Through extensive research we have found products that are powerful antibacterial cleaners that are made with 100% pure, plant based ingredients. We are also proud that all the products we use are made in Canada.

We’ve summarized some of our research on cleaning products that might be surprising. Canadian regulation is not strong or transparent when it comes to this industry, and is far behind other nations on reducing consumer and employee exposure to toxic chemicals. Learn more about these dirty facts and how why you should clean without toxic chemicals.



Check the labels:

The Eco Mist line not only works as well as its chemical counterparts, it is so safe you can actually drink it. The ingredients found in the products sound more like a grocery list.

Rogers TV

Unlike many other environmental cleaners, Eco Mist Solution’s products don’t have hidden ingredients or mask odours and they won’t harm humans, animals, or damage the environment.

Ted Fagan, Founder of Eco Mist Solutions

I felt to great about being able to reach for a safe cleaner strong enough to clean my carpet that was perfectly fine to use around my son, my pets and myself {since I’m pregnant}. I followed the directions, let the cleaner sit on the stain for 10 minutes and it blotted up perfectly clean. Nature works!

Amanda Robinson, NaturalMommie.com on Eco Mist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

“I have a cleaning job in the UK and the products are bad. I miss Eco Mist products! Best cleaning products ever and I never had a headache like I do now! Can you get the products over here!”

Nikita Agius, Previous employee who has returned to the UK

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