Professional clean

We ensure our clients have clean and sanitized homes and rental properties scrubbed with completely non-toxic products. We use an exclusive product line with safe and powerful bio-based cleaners to deeply penetrate surface dirt while lifting and emulsifying oils. Made from renewable plant-based resources, our products are completely biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals that go down the drain and pollute our water system.

Each of these products are formulated using plant-base ingredients coming from a variety of renewable resources such as corn, processed coconut extract, sugarcane, tree sap, grass, grains, soy and non-chlorinated water.

How does our product line work?

Colloidal chemistry is the ability to create billions and billions of charged particles from plant-based ingredients that can penetrate surfaces to a depth of a nano-metre (1 billionth of a metre) and lift, suspend and emulsify oils making them readily biodegradable, leaving behind a completely sanitized surface.

A clean finish with no toxic residues

Many toxic products do not list every ingredient on their product labels but the material safety data sheet discloses this missing information. A bit of research shows that conventional cleaners contain chemicals and synthetics linked to a range of health issues including asthma, cancer, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities.

As the only cleaning company in Whistler that uses disinfecting products that are purely plant-based, we can promise:

  • No toxic chemical residue left on kitchen counters, appliances, floors and surfaces. Products are recognized as food surface safe by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • No health and safety training needed for industrial use. Masks or gloves are not required.
  • No hazardous warning product labels required. Every cleaning product we use is safe enough to drink!

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