Exceptional service

We provide professional eco-cleaning services delivered by our highly trained staff who are all passionate about non-toxic, healthy and clean living spaces.

At Eco Mist Cleaning Services:

  • New hires receive extensive training on our professional cleaning and service standards.
  • Team supervisors guide staff through a step-by-step checklist to ensure that the smallest details are completed at every clean.
  • At a minimum, our staff work in teams of two to get the job done efficiently and we are always able to customize our approach to suit the unique requirements of owners, tenants and property managers.
  • Supervisors handle day-to-day account needs, but the direct line to Eco Mist Cleaning’s owner-managers is always on for more specific client requests.

Our Values

We’ve attracted a group of core and seasonal team members who share our values and want to make the best of their time in this beautiful mountain resort we call home.

What we value:

  • Toxic-free environment: cleaning services with no harmful chemicals
  • Safer workplaces: no hazardous materials used on the job
  • Continuous improvement: always looking at how to raise the bar
  • Relaxed approach: down to earth customer service and operations
  • Caring staff: only hire employees who care about their work and our purpose

Go play outside. Leave it to Eco Mist Cleaning.

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