Professional eco-cleaning services

Our purpose is to educate and direct vacation resorts to be naturally clean and eliminate toxins and chemicals from indoor spaces with professional eco-cleaning in Whistler.

Eco Mist Solutions all purpose cleanerSince 2012, Eco Mist Cleaning Services has ensured its clients have professionally-cleaned homes and vacation rental properties cleaned with completely non-toxic plant-based products. Operated by Hayley Glover and Helen Chambers, these British born professionals were trained at European resorts and bring over 30 years of combined experience to serve their core clientele, property managers, vacation property owners and luxury home owners in Whistler.

Eco Mist Cleaning has grown steadily and developed a loyal client base serving many of Whistler’s finest resort properties. It has invested in recruiting and training core and seasonal staff who are also passionate about cleaning in a work environment with no hazardous chemicals while delivering the very best customer service. Eco Mist Cleaning only uses an exclusive line of products that are safe and powerful bio-based cleaners developed using colloidal chemistry. Each of these products are formulated using plant-base ingredients coming from a variety of renewable resources such as corn, processed coconut extract, sugarcane, tree sap, grass, grains, soy and non-chlorinated water.

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