Never buy expensive and harmful scented products again

Natural scents for the holidays

Create Fresh, inviting Holiday Scents

Scents can trigger beautiful memories, create a calming effect, and make a room more inviting. Some scents made in a lab can trigger headaches, allergies or irritation to the sinuses. Many room freshener sprays, candles and incense contain harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a hazard to human health, causing eye, nose, mouth and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness and even skin problems and asthma. 

How can you create fresh, inviting scents in your home this holiday season? We bet if you try these tips, you’ll never buy expensive and harmful scented products again.

  • Open the windows! Even in winter, open some windows to let fresh air in and circulate stale air can quickly and easily refresh a room. Put on a sweater, have a cup of tea and within 10 minutes your entire home will smell fresh.
  • Have a few spices on hand? Throw lemon halves, orange peels, pure vanilla extract, a stick of cinnamon, cloves other spices into a pot of simmering water. You’ll infuse the house with inviting aromas and add moisture to try air. Have some evergreen boughs on had? Try adding a few sprigs to the pot to release its natural oils. Change up the spices depending on the season.
  • Add a few drops of your favourite pure essential oil to a spray bottle with some water and spray lightly on sheets, towels, your couch, carpet and pillows.
  • Purchase a few potted plants¬†they don’t just look good, they’re also natural air purifiers. A seasonal amaryllis, Christmas cactus or poinsettia will also add a splash of colour over the holiday season.
  • Use cleaning products with plant-based ingredients. At Eco Mist, we only use powerful antibacterial products that are formulated using plant-base ingredients coming from a variety of renewable resources such as corn, processed coconut extract, sugarcane, tree sap, grass, grains, soy and non-chlorinated water. Conventional cleaners often contain chemicals and synthetics linked to a range of health issues including asthma, cancer, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. Many of our clients enjoy the fresh and neutral smell of their home after an Eco Mist clean, since it will not leave a chemical residue that masks out other smells.

Share your tips to keep your home smelling fresh. Contact us to learn more about our pure, plant-based cleaning services.

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